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About me


Taking a year off after college to ski in Colorado? Spending three years (yes, you read that right, three years) sailing around the world with almost no previous sailing experience? Three ACL tears – to the same knee – and still a devoted skier?

Some might call me crazy but I prefer to describe myself as passionate. I live a life deeply felt and richly enjoyed. A life with stories. A life where I don’t
“kind of” like something. I am all in. Because that sort of life is the only kind that makes sense to me.

Photography gives me a canvas upon which to paint the stories of life, the stories that are rich and varied and truly our own. I love to watch the play of light and delight in taking a moment that existed in time, freezing it, and presenting it through my own unique lens.

Your life, with all its moments and passions, is a story I would love to tell.